Single Girl Adventures

I had a layover where I was actually able to get out and explore my surroundings, and it was one of the coolest layovers that a girl could ever hope to get.

Your girl was running around NYC 3 weeks ago. Yep. Good ol’ New York City. I spent a bit of time in Manhattan, and went to Brooklyn. Besides the fact that it’s New York and that city brings out the adventurer and explorer in me, it also conjured fond memories of the month I spent there nearly two years ago. The creativity, spontaneity and je ne sais quoi that is New York City reminded me of how much I really miss it, and why I yearned to live there. I should visit more often.

I can truly say that I enjoyed myself that weekend. It started with a full face of makeup. Me wanting to use ANY makeup outside of work, let alone a full face (which I don’t even do for work!), is about as rare an occurrence as Haley’s Comet. Having said that, I couldn’t just stay in the house. I put on my favourite dress, and went out.

I ended up going out to dance all by myself, which is something that I don’t like doing despite the fact that I enjoy dancing. It was fun meeting different people, including the couple that paid for my drink when I first walked in. It was also great fun to dance with whomever I wanted.

The things that suck about going by yourself as a single girl?

  • creepers that dance with you and won’t let you go. you can run away, but if you at least have a female friend with you, they rescue you from these fates.
  • those moments when you aren’t actually dancing with someone and wish you were, even if it’s just a female friend. they’re less hands-y.
  • not having someone specifically to share an experience with.

Though I consider myself introverted, I get braver and more adventurous when I go somewhere with friends, even if they aren’t as outspoken as me. In fact, I almost met some friends that night. If I didn’t feel like I “had” to be home, I would’ve went out with some girls I met outside of the club. Alas, this shall have to wait until I get a place. In retrospect, I should’ve gotten their numbers; we could’ve chilled another time. Making friends is hard as an adult; I don’t know what it is!

This single lady put her hands up and danced the night away… and liked it. Here’s to more single girl adventures.


5 thoughts on “Single Girl Adventures

  1. I love that you got dressed up and went out to dance by yourself! I love to dance too, but don’t often get the chance. Sounds like you had a great evening 🙂

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