If We Were Having Coffee

I’d talk about periods.

Not the thing that marks the end of a thought or phrase. I mean a menstural period.


Well, I’d talk about it because no one ever does. And I don’t get why.

Did you know that every day, a woman is having a period? I can see you giving me that look from squinted eyes. Well, if you know this, how come no one talks about it? The topic is kept so hushed that, apparently, women in developed countries can’t tell you what ovulation is. Yes, ovulation. Do you know what it is?

I saw a video clip online recently where women and men were asked what ovulation is, and only 1 or 2 people knew. There was a woman HOLDING HER BABY that didn’t know what ovulation was!!! That’s a whole, entire problem!

How can we not talk about a normal function to a point that none of us know what is involved and why it happens? What makes matters worse is that we make women that have periods feel awkward about something that’s completely normal!

How can we claim to be free and liberated countries when women hide pads and tampons in sleeves, bras, or pockets when going to the bathroom? We have a long way to go. It shouldn’t be anything that we get awkward about. It is normal. Really, it is.

In fact, I’m about to start mine now. I can feel my body going through a variety of changes. I don’t know about anyone else, but I get cramps before hand, my appetite increases, and my boobs feel heavy.


Yes, I said boobs. And I’ll say it again.

Boobs. Yep. And they hurt.

*sigh* I can’t wait until it starts because my reproductive system tries to punk me sometimes. It’ll feel like I’m starting, and I’ll rush to the bathroom only to see that I hastened myself to the powder room for no reason. Then, the time that I thought it was another false alarm… there it is. Yeah. I thought I would have the hang of this period thing by now, but not so.

Oh well. The monthly cycle makes the world go ’round.



9 thoughts on “If We Were Having Coffee

  1. And why is the liquid on ads for tampons and pads blue? My daughter is nine and so I’m about to have ‘the talk’ with her, and I want her to not be stressed about it, to know it’s natural and nothing to worry about or be ashamed of. I have a book to give her, and hope it all goes well. I think the more of us who talk about it, the better 🙂

    • I saw an explanation for why the liquid is blue, but I don’t remember that reason because I saw it quite some time ago and in passing.

      I wish when someone had given that talk to me that they had given me more of an anatomy lesson on my own anatomy, and all of the things that take place during your monthly cycle… like, that it’s more than just bleeding once a month. It wasn’t until I started learning about reusable menstrual products that I learned more about the monthly cycle. I can’t say that I was taken by surprise when I had my first period; I wasn’t shocked by any means, but I was not prepared for the pain. Since I’ve had a period, I’ve experienced unusually bad cramps. As far as a period education, the school I attended had sex ed classes, and my mom also gave me a book.

      Recently, I found a young woman that talks about periods on YouTube. I was looking up more natural ways to help cramps, and she was talking about reusable menstrual products. I wish someone had told me about that! Even if I chose not to go that route, I wish someone had still told me that it was a thing! I’ve since switched over to resuables completely, hoping that it will help with whatever’s going on with my body.

      Even though this is a very young woman, I learned so much about periods by watching her. We do need to talk about periods more and make it normal, and I think the YouTuber that I watch does a fantastic job. I’ll link her channel here: https://www.youtube.com/user/preciousstarspads

      • Thanks for the link – I didn’t know about reusables either! To be honest, that part of my life is now over – I suffered terribly in recent years and became quite ill, so had to have surgery last year. I have to say I don’t miss it at all, and am pleased that I can now focus on my daughter’s needs without having to worry about my own. And yes, it does need to be normalised – after all, fifty per cent of the planet go through it! Apparently there’s a young man in India who came up with a way for women to make their own sanitary products – in India, it’s quite taboo for many women and they were using unhygienic rags and basically being ostracised during their periods. This man was so upset by what his wife had to go through every month he came up with this product, and now women can make their own pads and have a sort of cottage industry, where they aren’t penalised simply because they are women. I thought this was a lovely story.

      • I saw a short clip about him on Facebook. His wife left him briefly because they were being ridiculed and ostracized. I say good for him for wanting to make a positive change, and that’s exactlu what he did. We need to open up the conversation for this topic.

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