If We Were Having Coffee

I’d be shifting uncomfortably in my chair because my back hurts. Sitting straight without slouching has been the best way to sit for the past 3 days. I’d also be sipping herbal tea since I can’t have caffeine on my period; the cramps thereafter usher in death, and I’d like to keep that at bay.

I’ll be all right; the pain medication should kick in soon.

Work has been slow and money has been slim. It’s bringing me to a place where I need to make some decisions. I have my concerns, though. I just wish I had someone to think it all through with, which is why I’m glad that you’re here.

Will I have to sacrifice what I love and where I want to go for the present needs? Will I ever come back around to the things that I truly love? And, most importantly, will I have to consider being… landlocked??

I was talking to either a pilot or another flight attendant, and said that I would have to have a stay-at-home husband. Not in the sense that he stayed at home exclusively to care for children (not unless he could work from home, making that a possibility). I followed this up with “Well one of us has to stay at home, and it’s not going to be me.” Thinking back on how miserable it was to be landlocked, I cannot allow that to happen again; I love to be mobile, but I like having a home base.

Part of me always worried that this job would kill any chance of finding a mate. I took the job because it’s not like I had any luck with that before. My rationale for keeping it was that I can at least have a job that I love since being alone is the deal right now. Who knows how long that “now” will last.

Maybe I should wander even further out. Broaden my horizons in a literal sense. These are the things that are on my mind as I sip my tea. Amongst these concerns lies the niggling to keep up with bills if any big changes are to be made.

I’m not sure what to do, but something must be done.

Just a few thoughts as I sip my tea, and hope that you are in better spirits than I am. Not to say that that my disposition is foul; I’m just contemplative, which sobers the emotions and subdues any radical moods.

How’s life going for you?




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