No Place Like Home

I sit outside on a beautifully warm Monday in what is this writer’s natural habitat: Starbucks.

With a notebook and paper in front of me (I know, how retro of me!), I casually sip my black iced coffee with a shot of espresso, and lose myself whilst pondering. A cute guy sitting across from me interrupts my thoughts. I know I should make an excuse to talk to him, but I know me: I’ll give a coy glance here and there, but won’t actually speak to him. Having a way with words only translates on paper, not in audible speech.

This is where it all began; most of those early blogs were written here. Now that I can write them from hotels in different states, I find myself missing the inspiration that came from Starbucks. Not just any Starbucks, though. MY Starbucks. I know the staff and they know me; I even went on a date with one of the workers. It didn’t work out, but I still think he’s delicious.

The more I sit here and think about it, the more appreciation for my domicile builds. Being away so much has made me embrace and enjoy being home all the more.

I sit sideways in the chair with my leg swinging off the arm, enjoying the breeze that rustles through the trees. The canopy of leaves provides shade where I sit, and cars zip hastily by as I enjoy my moment of repose. Memories of talking with girlfriends eke into my consciousness, and nostalgia takes hold. Now I get why some people nest in certain places and don’t leave.

Going out and about is great; it makes coming home that much sweeter. There are many different Starbucks stores in the world, but it’s not this store in this place. None of them have the memories that this one does for me. I’ve got a lot of memories here, and I’m not sure that I want to let those go. In fact, I’m eager to start some new ones. Maybe with the same friends, and maybe with different ones.

Other places that I love to hit up at home are:

  • Rita’s Water Ice. The water ice can be bought in pints, and their frozen custard is to die for also. Yeah it’s a chain, but I’ve been living up the street from Rita’s since I was a kid! It’s a seasonal store, but it tastes better that way.
  • Tom Jones Restaurant. This is a diner that’s open 24 hrs. The cinnabon Γ  la mode is my favourite thing. At one point, I was hitting this place up at the end of every work week; I was tired and not trusting myself to cook.
  • Little Anthony’s. A pizza joint close to my heart because I got friendly with the guys working there. Highly recommend their white broccoli pizza & cheese fries.
  • Pinocchio’s. My other favourite pizza joint. Back in the day, an ice cream parlour was attached to it. Now that attached building is where you buy beer. It’s starting to become well known for its beer garden.
  • Iron Hill Brewery. Any place that makes something like brisket fries and the Mahalo Apollo is a place that is hard to stay away from! I was so excited when the latter came back this season. They’re also great with responding to comments on their Instagram page.
  • La Na Thai French Cuisine. This is my favourite thai place mostly because of their lunch specials. A friend introduced me to this place years ago, and I haven’t left. Whether I had little money and no job, or good money and a decent job, I always found myself here. The food is good as is the price. Plus it’s BYOB. What’s not to love? There’s no corking fee of which I’m aware.
  • Linvilla Orchards. There’s a reason that the Twitter name for this wonderful orchard/farmers market is @ilovethatplace. As a kid, I was all about jumping in the giant haystack, the pie, hayrides in the fall, and the corn maze. As an adult… well, I still love the pie. I also now appreciate the farmer’s market. And the cider doughnuts, which they sell all year round.
  • Margaret Kuo’s & Jing Fong. Favourite places for Chinese food take-out. You can also dine in at Margaret’s, while Jing Fong is solely take out. Jing Fong has the best chicken wings I’ve ever bought from a Chinese food place, and they make a vegetable egg roll that I actually prefer over the pork version. That’s definitely saying something!

And Philly. Oh wonderful Philly. That needs its own post. In fact, it has had a few on this blog. I have my haunts there, and am still learning this town.

It’s in my nature to be adventurous, and I desire to explore every corner of this earth that I possibly can; however, home will always be home. Maybe one day I’ll live somewhere else, but while I’m here and when I’m not flying out, I vow to unearth coolness in my town with as much zeal as I do my newest destination.

Peace & love folks; enjoy your week.


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