Ew, Really? Summer again?

When I saw people making a big deal about the summer solstice on the news, I rolled my eyes and honestly got annoyed.

What’s the big deal?

The ones that make a big deal of it are adults, and I can’t see why. Most of the time, depending on where you live, it’s too hot to go outside. So all you do is go out in the heat just to seek refuge from it. There are also more bugs out, and everyone on the planet gets the same idea to migrate to the beach on the weekend… so the beaches are overcrowded and unenjoyable. Who wants to deal with all of that?

Summer stopped being enjoyable at least 10 years ago for me. All I’ve ever done during the summertime is work, and try not to come to work sweaty and gross. Why do adults look forward to the summertime anyway? Unless you’re a teacher, you still have to go to work. And if you’re a parent, you now have to figure out how to keep your older children entertained. You might even give them some form of a curriculum so that they don’t lose what they’ve learned in school.

Let’s not even mention all the skin that’s everywhere. That alone makes me want to escape to the nordic regions of the world and live in an igloo. I don’t know if Colonel Sanders had to deal with breasts and thighs like that. Speaking of which, most of us adults spent the friggen springtime obsessing over what our bodies will look like, and follow all kinds of crazy diets to almost feel like we look good in our swimsuits on a beach. And you know what’s messed up? We probably only went to the beach one time during the whole season because of… you guessed it. Work.

Who is summer fun for anymore? Kids?

There was a time, though, that I used to love summer. I hated school, so I would day dream about all the tv I could watch, family beach trips to be taken, ice cream to eat, and fireflies to be caught at night. Let’s not forget the cookouts. I live in a place where there is a grilling season, and nothing is more thrilling than breaking out the grill and smelling the coals burning. My mouth would begin to water before food was even on the grates.

Summer used to mean freedom. It was a break and a rest from toil and stress. Before we had central air in our house, I use to enjoy movie trips just to escape the heat, or those midday siestas that fostered a special kind of sleep. It was too hot to harness energy for anything else. The rain felt rejuvenating on especially hot and humid days, and when the storm passed… the air was cooler, but still comfortable and inviting. It felt like a great big hug.

Those days are gone now. The only thing I enjoy about summer now are the nights. The repose I used to like about this season comes back, and my love rekindles. I always loved a good summer night and still do. I like that just a sundress and sandals is all you need. A breeze caresses your skin and makes your body tingle. I even have a couple of steamy summer memories with summertime flings. For now, though, I’m fine with listening to the crickets chirp, and holding my sandals in my hand to enjoy the grass under my feet and the earth between my toes.

And even still, I enjoy watching the fireflies bring light to the darkness.

Summer might not be my favourite season anymore, but I remember when it was. Maybe we’ll rekindle what was lost one day.

2 thoughts on “Ew, Really? Summer again?

  1. I enjoy the changing of seasons, from winter to spring, spring to summer etc… I am not a fan of hot weather, particularly hot humid weather. I am not one to go out to the beach, lay in the sun etc… I’m with you, I have some fond memories of summer but when the weather turns hot and sticky I long for the cool crisp fall and early winter. Thanks for the follow and look forward to your posts as well.

    • Thank you for following!

      I love the change of seasons too. I tend to get bored with it after a while, and look forward to the change. I actually don’t mind being in the sun so much, but it does get oppressively hot when it’s humid. Also, my skin has started tingling in recent years if I’m in the sun for too long… so I try to avoid it.

      If I had money during the summertime, I’d be a beach bum for sure. That is the one thing I really love about the summer. There’s a beach season where I live, and that’s always a happy time.

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