Blogger Recognition Award


I would like to thank The Wounded Healer for nominating me to receive this award. This is my first award, and it means a lot to have been nominated.

I started blogging in uni back in 2002. At the time, I was blogging on xanga because that’s where my friends had been doing it. I started there to keep up with what they had been writing, and soon became interested in jotting down a few ideas of my own. I went from the one blog to keeping 3 or 4 on the same site, then stopped blogging almost entirely by 2006. One of the 4 blogs that I kept was about food, and I started that one around the time that I had finished cooking school. I even got featured on one of the pages that features food blog entries. I may have even had a livejournal, if I remember correctly. One day, I decided that I wanted to blog again, only to find out that xanga was no more… so I started blogging again in September 2013 here on WordPress.

Miss Rachel Chanel is self titled. I acted at some point, and I wanted this to be my stage name if I got more work. I also wanted this to be my pen name for writing. Fun fact: Chanel is what my mom wanted to name me. My first name was given to me by my grandmother. The “was supposed to be my name” is my middle name. This blog is about me and how I enjoy life. I don’t enjoy it every day, which can be read in some of my entries… but at least I’ve enjoyed good food along the way.

To the bloggers getting started or that have been at it for a while… gosh, I don’t know what to say. One thing I’ve strived to do with my blog is be true to my voice. If I was ranting, I try to edit it as little as possible to convey the raw emotion. Not every day is great, and that’s okay. I’ve also learned that when you release those raw feelings and share them, you might find that someone out there can relate. I’ve also discovered that more people are reading and paying attention than you might think. I’ve wanted to give up at times because I felt like no one would miss it. When you feel like that, think of the reason you started. Remember it each time you write. Surprisingly, when you stay true to yourself and to your voice, somebody’s going to read it. More than one somebody, actually. They might even like it.

For this award, I’d like to nominate people whose blogs I’ve been following for quite a while. Apologies if you’ve already been nominated (I mean, you’re so awesome that it wouldn’t surprise me):

  1. Helen Jones-journeytoamberth
  2. SouthernBelly
  3. ShunPWrites
  4. Robert Okaji- O At The Edges
  5. leaf and twig
  6. of fries and men
  7. blonde write more

All right, so we’re all honored, yeah yeah, and NOW… here’s what we must do to receive said award.

The rules of the Award-

1) Write a post to show the award.
2) Thank the person who nominated you.
3) Briefly describe your journey as a blogger.
4) Give advice to other bloggers.
5) Nominate other bloggers.

Hope you like enjoy sharing your experience!

Thanks again for the nomination; it’s my first one! Yay!

Ciao beautiful peoples! Part of me wants to do this again to nominate others of you.


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