SBF is on its own

So what could this possibly mean?

Well, in simple terms, it means that the misadventures of me seeking Asian food is now its own blog! Rejoice!!!

Does it mean that this page will disappear?

Most certainly not!

I love to eat in general, but I think that particular subject will be able to stand on its own quite well. Asian food is a vast thing that cannot simply be constrained to white takeout cartons and chopsticks. There are many countries within Asia, which means various cuisines. I seem to fall back to it a lot, and I feel that I should start exploring the subject more. So, just like a child that wants to grow up, I decided to give these particular posts their own space. My hope is that it flourishes into something more than I could’ve imagined… but mostly, we’ll see what happens and enjoy the many meals to come.

Check it out, and I hope you enjoy that blog just as much as this one. The same quirky and honest writings that you enjoy here may also be found there. It’ll just be solely food based, and will be about a specific kind of food. It’s specific, but vast enough that the subject won’t be easily exhausted.

So here’s to something new. I’m still Miss Rach, your flight attendant… but I’m also your friendly neighborhood SBF, and I love me some Asian food.



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