How To Write A Blog Post

By no means do I consider myself to be an amazing writer. I’ve written a story here and there, but primarily, I’m a blogger. These diary-style entries are something I’ve written since my first diary in the 5th grade (it had kittens on the cover. Who doesn’t like kittens?) 

Having said that, here is what typically happens when I decide to write a new blog entry. 

  1. Gather my laptop, phone, earphones, pen and paper, and head to Starbucks. 
  2. Shoot the breeze briefly with Joe, Tori, and the other baristas because I spend way too much time & money at my home Starbucks (yes, I know their names).
  3. Actually order my drink (and get it in my own mug. It saves $.10, paper cups, and it’s bougie, but I can live with that). 
  4. Take a seat and bust out my craptop… I mean laptop, and pray no one knocks out the cord or it’ll go off. 
  5. Make the iTunes or YouTube list. 
  6. Get on here and start typing. 
  7. Get completely distracted by 3-5 of the songs from my list, or start playing another off the list that came to mind. 
  8. Actually write the entry. 
  9. Get distracted by yet another song while trying to come up with decent tags for the post. 
  10. Finally add all of the appropriate tags and… eek!… publish the post! Ahh!!!
  11. View your post, then go back and correct stuff you missed. Repeat 2 or 3 times. 
  12. Make yourself leave it… STOP! Leeeeave it! Leave it alone! It’s fine!
  13. Take off the earphones because they make your ears hot, get a tea/latte refill, and people watch. If you’re feeling friendly, talk to someone near you (especially if it’s an attractive someone. Don’t say anything stupid!)
  14. End out by putting the headphones on and laughing at stuff on Facebook or watching cat videos. 

More or less, this is my writing process. At the end of the day, I blog because it’s fun and I like sharing. Even the process should be somewhat fun, right?

Happy writing!

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