If We Were Having Coffee

I’d tell you that I didn’t think we would be meeting this weekend, as I am on the road once again for work. However, my travels have me waiting around in Charlotte, NC for longer than anticipated. 

So we have time to catch up. How are you?

I am contentedly watching people while sitting in a rocking chair that is tucked in a sort of corner. I love noticing people while not being noticed myself. Maybe that’s what nosy people do. 

I’ve experienced many feelings and emotions this week. I’ve been frustrated, relieved, fatigued, almost sick (just dodged a cold!), depressed and fearful all in one week. It’s nice to take time from all of that and watch other people. 

Even now, a ramp worker walks purposefully by me with his vest in hand. I know that walk; he’s done for the day. Have a good night man. I wish it was me. 

Yes, I have concerns right now. I’m concerned for what it will mean for me being black and female in this country. I’m fearful of not having a loving husband that wants children. I’m also saddened by the idea of not getting to birth said children before menopause ushers its way in. 

But for right now, I can slow down for a bit, and let life stand still as I people watch, and sip a Coca-Cola. Passenger traffic has finally died down. All that can be heard is the faint beeping of a cart as it drives away from me. 

You have a whole week ahead of you. Make it lovely, and don’t forget to pause and people watch. It’s quite fascinating. The kids are the most fun. 


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